RE.E3 Castor Features Vulcanised Rubber Tyre

Elesa's recently launched RE.E3 castor features a vulcanised rubber tyre that ensures a soft ride over most industrial flooring types, from tiles to expanded metal, asphalt or cement resin. The castor is suitable for light loads up to 250kg per wheel, such as manually manoeuvred trolleys, barrows or equipment in storage, service or production or waste-handling environments.

The RE.E3 features a tough zinc-plated steel bracket in either static or rotating configuration. The latter is also available with total lock braking (rotation of bracket and wheel simultaneously locked) by means of a quick-release foot pedal. Wheel sizes of 80-200mm in diameter are matched with unit heights of 107-240mm. The unit features double ball races and a precision plain bearing running in the steel wheel centre.

Thanks to its compact configuration, minimal space utilisation is ensured for greater stability and reduced protrusion from the basic equipment footprint. The RE.E3 is considered suitable for use between -20C to +80C and in humid conditions.


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