Raptor Power Converters Suit Harsh Applications

Schaefer has launched the Raptor series of power converters, which is said to be ideal for harsh military applications such as shelters, armoured vehicles, avionics, naval and open-air applications. The Raptor series of power converters is said to feature a robust construction, sealed MIL-certified enclosure and high reliability. It provides a 28VDC output with power ratings from 1,200W to 1,800W.

Parallel capability and other power levels are also available. Single- and three-phase input ranges span from 88-265VAC or 125-400VDC. The series specifies high efficiency (85 per cent nominal) and high power factor correction. It meets MIL-STD-810D for operating temperature conditions, vibration and shock and also meets other critical MIL-STD ratings for EMI, navy and aircraft electrical power and environmental test methods.

A variety of optional protection features include auto temperature de-rating, overvoltage protection and reverse polarity protection.


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