Radicom Research launches medical-certified modems

Radicom Research has announced its line of medical-certified dial-up modems for OEMs. The medical modems are IEC 60601-1 compliant for medical applications and safety and telecommunications compliant to meet most global medical device requirements. They are available as embedded modules with Serial TTL or USB interface or as a USB external dongle.

All versions are RoHS compliant and are capable of operating under Windows, Linux or Mac environments. All embedded modems feature a -40C to +85C operating temperature, with high-voltage 3KV isolation breakdown on selected models. The small and versatile modems are engineered to meet the requirements of the medical services industry and to provide design flexibility for emerging telemedicine applications. Certifications are transferable to allow easy integration into almost any platform.

All medical modem versions are CCITT and Bell compliant for complete compatibility with existing and future installations. Versions include 300bps (V.21/Bell103), 1200/2400bps (Bell212/V.22/V.22bis), 14.4kbps (V.32bis), 33.6kbps (V.34) and 56kbps (V.90/v.92). All platforms are available with fax, voice playback and record, as well as DTMF (SP) tone generation and detection. These products can be used in applications ranging from office and home monitoring systems, data retrieval and reporting to answering inbound calls with voice responses.

OEM private labelling is available. The Radicom Research medical modem family makes it easy to integrate communications into medical platforms. USB interface models are available in external dongle and embedded PCB mount versions. Serial TTL interface models are available in Radicom's Half-inchmodem, Tinymodem and Slimmodem embedded PCB mount form factors.


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