Profienergy Enables Brief Equipment Switch Off

Profibus's Profienergy solution will make it possible to switch off individual equipment components or entire systems during brief or unscheduled pauses. Measuring, transmitting and format of energy-measured values is also defined. Device and system manufacturers are developing the first products and will display these at the Hanover Fair 2010.

This is possible because of the ability to quickly and easily implement Profienergy into existing devices without adverse effects. For this reason, users have begun to integrate Profienergy into their plant concepts based on prototype devices. Accordingly, initial references are expected before the end of 2010. PI is supporting the dissemination of Profienergy through multiple activities.

It is offering a white paper entitled 'The Profienergy Profile', which provides a comprehensive overview of the new energy-savings profile, its mode of operation, advantages and savings potential, and a description of use cases. The publication is available for download free of charge at the Profibus website.


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