Proficy Pulse Monitors Vital Operation Signs

GE Intelligent Platforms has brought out Proficy Pulse, which allows operators, engineers and analysts to view, analyse and co-relate real-time operational situations and historical intelligence. The software can contextualise data within a single application and share it with others via the web. Combined with GE's Proficy Historian, Proficy Pulse enables customers to consolidate disparate data into a single viewpoint, driving continuous improvement activities, increasing quality through monitoring, facilitating faster troubleshooting and driving accountability.

Proficy Pulse consolidates operational and process data, providing instant insight into operational health. Designed to cater to operational personnel, Proficy Pulse brings the performance of a real-time HMI and delivers abilities to transform raw data into intelligence. Proficy Pulse is an OPC DA and OPC alarms and events client that provides users with the ability to view and interact with real-time data from operational devices, HMI/Scada systems and other software. It can directly interface with native OPC servers such as the Industrial Gateway Server (IGS), as well as other third-party OPC servers to provide an open architecture for HMI functionality.

Proficy Pulse provides operators with the flexibility to switch to an analysis mode with Proficy Historian on the fly either for the entire display/s or individual elements on the display. This provides a new insight into the daily functioning of the operator, providing the ability to visualise operations from a pro-active basis against a reactive basis, leading to more efficiency in operations. Proficy Pulse supports industry-standard interfaces such as OPC, ADO, OLEDB and ODBC, to allow for interfaces into different kinds of data sources that can be combined for co-relation with actual operational data.

Proficy Pulse has a rich set of graphic objects and drawing tools and provides an excellent canvas for development of operational user interfaces. Integrated Microsoft Visual Basic scripting allows developers to customise navigation, interface external applications, define actions and design composite applications within the Pulse environment. The ability to drop in ActiveX and OCX controls provides Pulse with increased flexibility to bring enhanced content into the environment.

Pulse can also create and reuse custom objects with rapid deployment, change and versioning capability. Proficy Pulse's scripting engine allows users to define schedules that could be both periodic and event based to drive analytical and real-time actions. The schedules can act as a source for performing various critical functions such as triggering reports, initiating workflows and generating analytical samples. Proficy Pulse participates in operational workflows defined through GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy Workflow product, to make the operator a collaborative part of the greater operational metric.

It also integrates with Proficy Cause+ analysis tools to provide the operator with intelligence to make the right decisions at the right time at every step in his/her daily functions. Proficy Pulse also tightly integrates with Proficy Plant Applications to bring in interaction with the operational KPIs to the operator. Proficy Pulse consolidates all the operational systems into a single environment for increased efficiency and ease of operation.

It is a scalable single-application multiple-deployment product that allows the application to be deployed on embedded devices such as: panels and tablets; desktop computers; and thin clients such as a terminal services client on bar codes or a web client through the browser. Proficy Pulse comes with an integrated change-management support tool that allows for application deployment, application versioning, disaster recovery and collaborative application-development change control.


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