Process For Thin Metal-Encoder Discs And Strips

Precision Micro has developed LEEF (Laser Evolved Electroforming), a manufacturing process that can produce any volume of intricate and fine-featured metal-encoder discs and strips. The process can meet standard slot counts and bespoke requirements in the same economical fashion.

It can achieve apertures of less than 15 microns - with high repeatability and smooth walls with optically sharp edges - without the use of prohibitively expensive glass master tooling. It uses electrodeposition, which, atom by atom, forms burr- and stress-free discs onto a digitally patterned mandrel; these can be either totally flat or multi level.

The multi-level process can produce discs and strips that are exceptionally thin in the feature area to facilitate a crisp, well-defined light pulse, while being thicker in other areas to meet mechanical requirements.


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