Power Supplies Can Be Provided In 2U Rack Mount

Safety Power has launched a range of high-quality 3,000W analogue power supplies that can be supplied in 2U rack mount or as an installation unit for mounting-board assembly applications. The VE3PUI is available in six single-output models, offering DC voltages from 0 to 30V at 0 to 125A, 0 to 52V at 0 to 75A, 0 to 60V at 0 to 63A, 0 to 90V at 0 to 42A, 0 to 150V at 0 to 25A and 0 to 300V at 0 to 12.5A. Input is 415V AC, three-phase, 45 to 66Hz.

The supplies offer constant-voltage, constant-current and constant-power modes programmed via 0 to 5V analogue signal with monitoring for voltage, current and power via standardised-value 0 to 5V analogue-signal outputs from front-panel measuring sockets. Standard features include remote on/off and power-fail (PF) signal, and each power supply is fitted with quick-release coded connectors for the mains and outputs, to ensure correct connection. Options include a separate programming and monitoring interface via a D-sub connector on the rear panel.

This includes PF signal, load-share (LS) bus, remote on/off, over-temperature alarm, voltage and current programming (0 to 5V DC), and voltage and current read back (0 to 5V DC). A green, back-lit display showing voltage and current can be fitted if required. Measuring 436 x 284 x 86mm, each VE3PUI power supply is designed to meet EN60950 and EN55011/22 class B standards, and comes with a three-year warranty as standard, plus a 48hr burn-in test to ensure high reliability.


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