Power Line Transceiver Saves On Data Wires

Yamar is offering the SIG60 power line transceiver semiconductor that transfers UART data over existing DC power lines to save on the need for data wires. Power lines are typically very noisy due to impulses generated by loads powered from these lines. The SIG60 was specially designed to operate under such hostile communication environments using special modulation and coding techniques.

Multiple devices can be hooked onto the same power line and transfer information using built-in multiplex networking capabilities. This SIG60 device can interface with any microcontroller's UART or LIN port. It operates on any of its seven available channels at data rates of up to 115.2Kbps.

The small size 28-pin QFN package minimises the footprint of the circuitry. The SIG60 can be used for a variety of applications ranging from aerospace right down to toys, as well as automotive, industrial, renewable energy management systems and BMS.


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