Power Analyser Uncovers Energy Waste

Fluke has introduced the 434/PWR power analyser designed to make energy analysis easy for electricians, field service engineers and maintenance technicians. The instrument can uncover energy waste in commercial and factory buildings as well as in equipment and machines. It can be used to conduct energy consumption studies and electrical load analysis, and to perform power quality logging and analysis according to EN 50160.

The power analyser can also demonstrate the benefits of efficiency improvements by making energy consumption tests. The Fluke 434/PWR measures harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads and analyses reliability problems by capturing voltage dips and swells from load switching. A full-colour display uses industry standard colour-coding (user-selectable) to correlate measurements with actual wiring. It can log incoming data, with an Autotrend function highlighting changes of data over time, and comes with Fluke's Power Log analysis software.

The 434/PWR is a complete three-phase troubleshooting tool that measures virtually every system parameter, including: voltage; current; frequency; power; energy consumption; cos or power factor; unbalance and harmonics and inter-harmonics. It captures events such as dips and swells, interruptions and rapid voltage changes based upon 1/2 cycle rms values. Two groups of four channels simultaneously measure voltage and current on all three phases and neutral. The 434/PWR meets the 600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III safety standard required for measurements at the service entrance.

A logging function allows users to customise measurement selections and provides analysis of user-selectable parameters to find intermittent problems or relate power quality issues to other phenomena/events. The logger provides detailed and user-configurable long-term recording. It gives min, max and AVG readings of up to 100 parameters on all four phases. Averaging time can be selected down to 0.5sec (or 1min for one day's recording, 10min for one week, 30min for one month or more). Fluke said Autotrend gives fast insight into changes over time.

With a single button press, the system monitor gives an overview of power system performance. It also checks that incoming power complies with EN50160 limits or custom specifications. Trend analysis is made easier by automatic scaling of the vertical axis - so the waveforms can always be shown on a full display. Fluke said the 434/PWR power analyser can perform extensive analysis. Cursors and zoom can be used 'live' while taking the measurements, or 'offline' on stored measurement data.

The stored measurements can also be transferred to Power Log software. Designed to quickly view recorded data, the built-in Power Log software displays all recorded parameters on interactive trends. Users can generate a professional-looking report with the Print function, or copy and paste images into report documents manually. The report generator can be customised to easily create tailored formats.


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