Posic Launches Miniaturised Rotary Encoder Kit

Posic has introduced the ID1101C miniaturised inductive rotary encoder kit. The encoder head measures 9.0 x 6.8mm, has a thickness of 0.9mm and provides A and B outputs in quadrature. The code wheel has a diameter of 28.2mm and a thickness of 0.9mm. The encoder is available in resolutions from 9-14 bit, which corresponds to 128-4,098 counts per revolution.

The maximum speed depends on the resolution and ranges from 2,500rev/min at 14 bit up to 40,000rev/min at 10 bit or lower. The main features of the encoder kit are its small dimensions and its insensitivity to dust, water, oil, grease and even magnetic fields. Typical applications are in the mechatronics and motion-control domains as a speed or position feedback device.

Markets served include industrial, robotics, medical, instrumentation, laboratory automation and office equipment. Evaluation kits containing two cabled encoder heads, a code wheel and an interface board are available from stock.


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