Portable Signal Generator Suits Test Applications

Signal Forge has released a portable signal generator designed for use with National Instruments' Labview and other automated test environments. The SF1010 Portable Signal Generator with Remote Control supports the SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) interface, which allows test engineers to quickly add the portable signal generator to most of the popular automated test environments, including Labview, Labwindows/CVI and HP's VEE.

The SF1010 is a portable signal generator with a frequency range of 1Hz to 1GHz - which may be extended to 2.6GHz with add-on Frequency Expansion Modules. It provides numerous waveform modulation functions, making it useful or applications such as building surveys, installation and maintenance of facility-based cellular and wireless networks, and a variety of other field-test and lab-bench-test applications.

The SF1010 is small enough, at 8.5 x 5.4 x 1.5in, and light enough, at 1.75lb, to carry in a laptop computer bag. Unlike other portable signal generators, the SF1010 generates a stable, accurate RF frequency up to 2.6GHz.

The waveform modulation functions supported are: AM, ASK, BPSK, Chirp, FSK, OOK and Sweep. For customers who do not wish to write their own programs, SF1010 may be operated using the EZ Wave software that ships with the device. EZ Wave is a simple control application that makes the SF1010 ready to use out of the box without additional programming or integration. The software runs on any Windows-based PC with the Vista, XP and 2000 operating systems.


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