PLM Seminar To Focus On Supply Chain Quality

Lattice Technology, Elysium and Kubotek have announced a joint seminar targeted at improving aerospace supply chain quality and productivity using 3D data. The seminar will discuss how to manage 3D data effectively through the design-to-manufacture process. The event will feature keynote speaker Rick Zuray, technical principal at Virtual Engineering Advanced Technologies, The Boeing Company. Zuray will discuss the history of using 3D at Boeing, how the company leverages usable 3D data throughout its projects, and how it is using 3D for design reuse and archiving.

The three host companies will present examples of how 3D data can be effectively integrated throughout the supply chain to raise quality and productivity of manufactured products. Lattice Technology, Elysium and Kubotek USA each deliver key parts of a workflow that makes 3D data usable across the enterprise, including the exchange of data, verification of received data and the ability to update data and then manage engineering changes.

Integration into design-to-manufacture channels keeps 3D data intact for downstream use, including process design, simulation and documentation. Attendees to this seminar will gain insight to issues faced every day, understanding of where inefficiencies are occurring in the manufacturing operation and how to address them using 3D data. They will also discover how to relieve bottlenecks in 3D data sharing, editing and reuse, regardless of its source. Other topics covered include: improving 3D product design quality and time to market; managing engineering changes faster and more efficiently; streamlining the flow of relevant, timely information to other departments and suppliers; eliminating errors, delays and scrap on the shop floor; and building seamlessly and affordably on existing 3D CAD seats, ERP and PLM installations.

The seminar will be held at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, Washington, on 25 March 2010. It will run in two separate sessions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon - and is free to qualified attendees.


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