Placement Machines Perform Error-Free Assignment

SMD placement machines from Essemtec can identify the PCB using a barcode label. The option FLX-CRS (code recognition system) allows the error-free assignment of component, placement and other placement data to a product. The device consists of a barcode reader and a positioning system. The reader is set up so that it can read the code of all PCB leaving the assembly machine. The system can be positioned to scan PCB from above or below.

The PCB is identified by the barcode. Therefore, placement and component data that have been stored during the assembly process, can be assigned correctly to this PCB and saved in the database. The production can be traced back to the individual PCB or component reel. The option FLX-CRS is available for all placement machines of the FLX and Paraquda series.

It can also be retrofitted on installed machines. For data acquisition, the MIS management information system is used. MIS includes modules for quality assurance, production planning, stock management and traceability. In addition, it provides an open interface to higher-level data acquisition or ERP systems.


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