Parker Hannifin To Exhibit At Medtec 2010

Parker Hannifin will be showing its latest products, systems and services for the medical and life sciences sectors at Medtec 2010. Parker will be launching its product development and rapid prototyping services as well as unveiling its latest range of pneumatic fittings. The company offers a range of technologies designed to help both OEMs and end users improve the performance, productivity and profitability of medical and life sciences equipment. For example, Parker KV, Milton Keynes, UK, has developed precision gas control units for use in operating theatres and modular systems for accurate delivery of liquid nitrogen for cryoanalgesic instruments. 

Through a design partnership, Parker has produced compact systems for the control of gas, fluid and abrasive in dental air abrasion procedures. The Milton Keynes design, development and manufacturing centre incorporates a rapid prototyping facility, with investment in 3D CAD, stereolithography, laser sintering and vacuum casting. Examples of the company's projects on show will include a specially developed mannequin for demonstrating gas-powered ventilation, with a blood pressure cuff system to simulate the inflation and deflation of lungs. Parker will also be launching its latest range of Liquifit fittings, tubing and accessories for medical applications at Medtech 2010. Manufactured by Parker's Legris Division, from a renewable bio-based material, Liquifit fittings are compact, with a smooth, hygienic design that will not trap contaminants. Liquifit PE tubing is UV stabilised and available in a wide choice of colours. 

They are suitable for use in extreme conditions as both components boast high chemical resistance and can operate at temperatures ranging from -10C to +95C, at pressures of up to 16 bar. The fittings are claimed to emit an average of five times less CO2 during its life cycle compared with standard products. Also on show will be the Parker Legris LF3800 and LF3900 fittings, a range of 316L stainless-steel fittings designed to be quick to install, with instant sealing, making them suitable for demanding medical applications. Available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes, including T, straight and elbow connectors, the LF3800 and LF3900 range eliminates dirt traps, with a very smooth surface design aimed at reducing retention zones for safe and easy cleaning. These fittings are said to provide excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals and can operate at temperatures between -20 and +120C at pressures to 30 bar. In addition, Parker will exhibit its latest electromechanical actuators and drives, its pneutronic systems, including miniature pumps, digital and proportional valves and multimedia valves, plus quick-release medical couplings, a range of advanced inline filters and high-performance seals.


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