Panel Fasteners Conform To Machinery Directive

PEM panel fasteners designed specifically for tool-only access applications provide fixed screw solutions for a new EC machinery directive that imposes strict safety requirements for machine guarding. PEM's captive screws conform with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which requires tool-only access fasteners to remain attached to fixed guards or machinery when the guards are removed. Effective from this year, loose screws are no longer acceptable in such assemblies.

These PEM panel fasteners with threaded captive screws have been engineered to install permanently into thin metal panels. Elimination of loose screws promotes quicker machine maintenance without the need to handle hardware and prevents screws from becoming lost either inside or outside a machine. The fasteners are UL-approved and installation is accomplished by placing the panel fastener in a prepared mounting hole and applying sufficient squeezing force using any type of parallel acting press.

Most types are flush on the backside of the panel for a clean appearance. Depending on type, available thread sizes range from 4-40 through 1Z4-20 and M3 through M6. The product line includes select types designed with a standard anti-cross-threading feature to protect from potential damage due to improper thread engagement. The fasteners can also be ordered with a Durablack finish to satisfy particular cosmetic requirements. Detailed specifications and free part drawings for these RoHS-compliant fasteners can be accessed on the Penn Engineering website.


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