Paine Offers Amplified Pressure/Temperature Series

Paine Electronics is offering its Amplified 212-64 Pressure and Temperature Combination Series. The series is offered in pressure ranges from 0-1,000 to 0-7,500 PSIA, operates at temperatures from -40 to 250F (-40 to 121C) and provides high-level output signal amplification.

Designed for extreme performance in industrial/plant automation, agricultural, off-road, aerospace and military ground-support applications, the 212-64 Amplified Series incorporates Paine's pressure-sensor technology with temperature sensing to provide rapid detection of changes in pressure and temperature in direct-media-stream immersion of fluids or gases.

With its fast response times, small form factor and low sensitivity to shock and vibration, the Amplified 212-64 Pressure and Temperature Combination Series provides a solution for high-precision pressure and temperature measurement in tough applications. The series can be provided with alternate port fittings and electrical connections to meet specific requirements.


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