Oyster Valve Provides Positive Shutoff

Gem has launched the Gem Oyster piston-type isolation/stop valve to overcome the difficulties associated with replacing conventional valves or the reconditioning of valve seats on larger sizes. Gem said that its Oyster valve is efficient, accurate and easy to maintain, providing positive shutoff and zero emissions. Suitable for general-purpose fluid use and in particular for steam and condensate duty where shutoff tightness is required, the Gem Oyster is available in a variety of materials with screwed, socket weld or flanged connections.

The piston valve enables leaks over the seat or past the stem to be sealed without disassembling, removing the valve from the line or even isolating the process fluid. A complete set of internal parts can be fitted without removing the valve from the line, thereby effectively returning the Gem Oyster to 'as new' condition.

Available in cast iron, SG iron, carbon or stainless steel, the Gem Oyster is classed as 'soft seated' and provides class 6 isolation. There is no need for double isolation, unless stipulated to meet site/local standards, as the valve provides 100 per cent tight shutoff under all conditions.


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