Osram Offers LEDs For Vehicle Headlights

The Ostar Compact LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors has been developed specifically for use in vehicle headlights. This high-power LED is designed for Daytime Running Light (DRL) applications based on the use of light guides. Its compact dimensions and its capability to drive high currents make it suitable for both existing and new headlight designs.

In addition to the usual point-like LED lighting solutions, linear or 2D designs can be produced with only a small number of semiconductor light sources. With the surface-mounted Ostar Compact, Osram Opto Semiconductors is further extending its offering of LEDs for DRL applications. The entire automotive LED portfolio of a headlight manufacturer can now be matched because these high-current LEDs, such as the Ostar Headlamp and the Oslon ECE, are available in the finely graded colour groups that meet ECE/SAE colour-binning requirements. With a power draw of 5W and an operating current of 1.4A, the Ostar Compact achieves a typical brightness of 300lm and its 2mm chip provides high luminance.

With this small, high-power light source, light guide systems can be produced with just two LEDs. This robust component also has the optimum heat removal rate of 6K/W, making it suitable for the high-temperature zones at the front of an automobile. Ostar Compact does not require a reflector or lens and is said to last as long as the vehicle, eliminating the need for replacement. The red and yellow versions of Ostar Compact can be used for signal lighting.


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