Open Enterprise Joins Systems To Proficy Software

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the availability of Proficy Open Enterprise 1.2, which connects enterprise systems and the Proficy software suite. Built on top of Proficy SOA and utilising the breakthrough architecture of Proficy Workflow, Open Enterprise allows bi-directional messages to and from enterprise systems so companies can integrate data at the business level with the plant floor, driving additional visibility into the manufacturing process to help with better decision-making and customer responsiveness.

Companies are looking for ways to integrate their plants with their enterprise systems. 'Proficy Open Enterprise allows real-time order information to be shared between the various systems that require this information,' said Sheila Kester, general manager of operations management software for GE Intelligent Platforms. 'The tight integration with the production process allows users to see the status of orders, level of inventory change as well as performance of the process.

'The real advantage is having one version of the truth - with information available when and where it is needed,' she added. When combined with other Proficy solutions, including Proficy Plant Applications and Proficy Workflow, Proficy Open Enterprise becomes integral to a total solution to help companies gain visibility into the production process and understand the status of an order; efficiently execute those orders; and provide manufacturing intelligence, analytics, genealogy and traceability information.

The system can also identify and resolve issues with production orders, download schedule data into production systems for order execution, provide timely reporting on production results and help operators to understand what material has been consumed to assure prompt reorder. Proficy Open Enterprise allows decision makers at the enterprise layer to have real-time information about production processes. This visibility helps to highlight issues on the floor, material needs as well as any errors that should be highlighted.

In addition, it has the ability to upload performance information to corporate enterprise systems to allow business-level visibility into what products have been built or consumed. Built on B2MML and ISA-95 standards, Proficy Open Enterprise enables easy integration with enterprise systems, providing a quick time to value for users. A full B2MML Object model is available for customisation of solution. In addition, no coding is required, which allows faster time to deployment.


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