Oil Skimmers Remove Hydrocarbons From Groundwater

Abanaki has announced that it is offering oil skimmers to remove hydrocarbons from groundwater at low cost. Oil skimming is a non-pump solution for groundwater remediation. Abanaki said that oil skimming is much less expensive than pumping water to the surface and running it through filters. In many cases, skimming can be used to treat water before filtering, thus extending the lifespan of the filter itself.

Skimmers eliminate the need to treat the water and removes only the hydrocarbon out of the well. They also allow for the oil to be recycled or sold for other use. Oil skimmers are commonly used for groundwater remediation by various environmental firms as well as other companies. Abanaki's Petroxtractor belt skimmer is specifically designed for groundwater remediation and is modified to allow it to fit into small places.

The belt on the Petroxtractor oil skimmer is specifically tailored to the type of hydrocarbon that is in the well. The skimmer also has other modifications such as heat, stabiliser rods and a wide variety of belt materials to aid in picking up specific hydrocarbons. The belt skimmer provides a low-maintenance alternative to other methods. Abanaki's Petroxtractor oil skimmer is used in applications in which there are existing monitoring wells or trenches.

The skimmer comes in three different sizes to allow for optimal removal based on the application. It's available with a 1in wide belt for 2in well casings, a 2in wide belt for 4in well casings and a 4in wide belt for well cases 6in+ in diameter. The skimmer can pick up both LNAPL and DNAPL products at depths up to 100ft. This unit can also be provided with the option of solar power.


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