NSA Generates GBP1m In Training Business

The National Skills Academy Process Industries has referred more than GBP1m worth of training business to its Accredited Training Provider network in just a few weeks. The Provider Referral System, which was launched in January, works via the Skills Academy's regional manager team, which provides hands-on support to employers to develop specialist skills.

The system is underpinned by a web-based referral platform that posts specific employer training needs identified by the regional team; accredited providers can then respond to this and the Skills Academy will in turn help the employer select the solution that best meets its needs.

The providers in the Skills Academy's network have the expertise to support a wide range of process-industry training requirements, ranging from technical engineering, manufacturing skills and business-improvement techniques, through to compliance training and management development. They deliver both employer-led academy-designed training, as well as training from their own existing portfolio.


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