NI Arranges Two Data-Acquisition Seminars

National Instruments (NI) has arranged two free seminars to help engineers and scientists improve their knowledge and understanding of data acquisition. Both of the three-hour seminars will be held in each of the locations on the same day. The 'Hands-On Introduction to Data Acquisition with Labview' seminar takes place in the morning, starting at 09:00, and engineers wanting to evaluate different measurement bus options can attend the afternoon seminar, entitled 'Data Acquisition on Any Bus', beginning at 13:00.

The seminars are free of charge for engineers, scientists and technicians who build test, measurement, analysis, process monitoring and control or research applications. The two seminars will be held in: Bristol on 24 March 2010; Cardiff on 25 March 2010; Cambridge on 30 March 2010; Solihull, Birmingham, on 31 March 2010; Sheffield on 07 April 2010; Altrincham, near Manchester, on 08 April 2010; Newcastle upon Tyne on 13 April 2010; Edinburgh on 14 April 2010; Aberdeen on 15 April 2010; Belfast on 20 April 2010; Rochester on 27 April 2010; and Brighton on 28 April 2010.

Engineers attending the morning hands-on seminar, from 09:00 to 12.30, will to learn how to design and build measurement and control applications using Labview graphical programming and the latest advances in data-acquisition technology. The afternoon seminar, from 13:00 to 16.30, gives attendees the opportunity to discover a range of NI data-acquisition options, across a variety of buses, including USB, PCI and PCI Express, PXI and PXI Express, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Zigbee.


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