Nexans Supplies Cables For High-Speed Trains

Nexans will supply CNR with the cables it requires to develop the China Railway High-speed (CRH) trains that will enter service between Beijing and Shanghai in 2011. Cables provided are manufactured at Nexans China's production facilities in Waigaoqiao and Baoshan, both located in Shanghai. The first batch of cables will be delivered in March 2010 and the last in March 2011.

Nexans will supply over 10,000km power-control and data cables for 79 train sets. The cables will be delivered to the CNR subsidiaries, the Tangshan Railway Vehicle Company (TRC) and the Changchun Railway Vehicle Company (CRC), which are responsible for developing and manufacturing the high-speed trains. The CRH trains will be composed of 16 cars, for a design speed of 350km/h, and will be able to carry up to 1,026 passengers.

The cables supplied to this CRH project come from Nexans' Flamex range and have been designed to adhere to the various international standards and safety needs of the rolling-stock industry. For instance, the cables selected are environmentally friendly and halogen free - helping to ensure that the cable resists the propagation of fire and produces low smoke emissions in the event that a fire occurs.


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