New Event Explains Polymer Production Efficiency

Four UK polymer companies will hold a new one-day conference entitled 'Improvement in Production Efficiency', which is aimed at increasing performance and efficiency in the processing of plastics. GandA Moulding Technology, a plastics consultancy and training provider, will host the event at its Peterborough facility on 13 April 2010 and will repeat it the following day. This is in conjunction with machinery supplier Premier Moulding Machinery (PMM), polymer distributor Velox (UK) and Triton Technology.

The conference will consist of a series of papers and practical demonstrations intended to be of interest to polymer processors that are seeking to boost their own production efficiency. At the event, GandA will present its Pro-Op process-optimisation software, which allows users to optimise their processing in a step-wise and logical approach, with an emphasis on process consistency and component quality and, as a consequence, a fall in energy costs through the reduction of scrap and downtime.

PMM will present the Venus series of all-electric injection-moulding machines from Zhafir Plastics Machinery. The Venus series can result in 20 to 70 per cent less energy consumption compared with hydraulic machines and a 10 per cent lower consumption than other general servo machines. PMM will hold a live demonstration of the Asaclean purging compound and mould cleaner for extrusion and injection-moulding equipment. Triton Technology will show its Identipol QA, which uses Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) to provide simple and cost-effective quality-assurance testing of mouldable thermoplastics.

It can help prevent the loss of time and money on sub-standard materials. Beyond practical demonstrations of the equipment and systems mentioned above, there will be talks on the advantages of injection-moulding technology training and the savings to be made by investing in power-efficient equipment.


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