NEI Combines Nastran FEA Solvers And 3D Modeller

NEI Software has brought out NEI Fusion 2.1, a combination of Nastran FEA solvers and 3D modeller powered by Solidworks. The NEI Fusion 2.1 upgrade includes: automatic bolt-element generation for simulating bolted connections; spatial load variability for defining hydrostatic pressure, interpolating results from CFD; nonlinear transient analysis for time-varying nonlinear events; and mixed beam/shell meshing for structures found in aerospace, automotive and maritime.

The full list of NEI Fusion 2.1's features can be found at the company's website. NEI Fusion is used by product-development professionals to optimise design time, cut prototyping and testing costs and improve quality. The product is also of interest to FE analysts that like the option of a pre-post tool with CAD/FEA model associativity and consultants that need a Nastran solution in their simulation-software portfolio.


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