MP2100A Performs BER And Eye-Pattern Analysis

Anritsu has announced the MP2100A Bertwave series measurement solution for active optical devices. The all-in-one MP2100A performs simultaneous bit error rate (BER) measurements and eye-pattern analysis of active optical devices. The company said this can cut equipment costs by eliminating the earlier need for separate dedicated instruments.

Optical communications systems transmit digital data using a combination of active optical devices, such as optical transceivers and optical amplifiers. Evaluation of these devices requires measurement of BER and analysis of eye patterns. Makers of optical devices are focusing on cutting manufacturing costs to stay competitive in the face of increasingly severe business competition.

Anritsu has developed its MP2100A Bertwave series to help cut manufacturing costs by shortening measurement times for faster throughout, and by halving equipment investment with integrated simultaneous BER measurements and eye-pattern analysis into one instrument.

Production lines for active optical devices commonly use automatic measurements by remote command from a PC. The MP2100A has a built-in mixed remote command function for batch-processing multiple measurement commands to speed up measurement and cut BER measurement times by about 30 per cent.

The product supports high-speed sampling, shortening the time required for eye-pattern analysis, including mask tests. Optical signal power is measured by analysing the extinction ratio eye pattern. The MP2100A has a built-in precision Bessel filter and calibration function required for measuring extinction ratio, supporting extinction ratio measurement as close as possible to the theoretical value.


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