Movie Interface Simplifies Sequence Recording

Stemmer Imaging has introduced the CVB Movie Interactive user interface, which makes it easier to put together systems for recording sequences and archiving images. The company has been offering special algorithms for recording sequences on hard disks or in RAM for some time within its Common Vision Blox (CVB) imaging toolkit. Until now, these two tools - CVB Sequence and CVB Movie - have only been available as libraries.

This has meant that, in order to set up a system for recording sequences, it was invariably necessary to programme the user interface in addition to configuring the hardware. The software was either written by the user or provided by Stemmer Imaging as part of a custom development. With the new CVB Movie Interactive user interface, it is now easier for users to construct systems for capturing and archiving images. This interface features operating controls similar to those of a video recorder and can be used immediately to record and play image sequences, with no need to undertake any additional programming.

Typical applications for these systems include analysing faults in fast-moving production systems, observing scientific or technical experiments and collecting image material for later analysis. Filming crash tests and their subsequent analyses are the best-known applications in the automotive industry, but there are also numerous areas in medical technology, sport analysis and many other sectors where recording systems of this kind can be used. Users will be able to use fast, high-resolution cameras with many different interfaces, such as Firewire, USB, analogue, Cameralink or GigE Vision and all the available camera trigger modes.


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