Mono Provides EZstrip Pumps For Sludge Facility

Southern Water has installed six Mono EZstrip maintain-in-place pumps at its sludge treatment centre (STC) in Millbrook. After seeing the performance benefits of the EZstrip pump, which can reportedly be de-ragged in 21.5 minutes and fully stripped down and maintained in just 30 minutes, Southern Water replaced its remaining pumps, which included models from another PC pump manufacturer, with five more EZstrip pumps.

They have been installed to transfer sludges at different stages in the process, including centrifuge feed, digester feed and cake dilution. The Mono EZstrip progressing cavity pump is an extension of the Mono Compact C range. The EZstrip has been designed to disassemble, de-rag and maintain a PC pump in situ, eliminating the costly maintenance and downtime that servicing can often cause. The pump can be installed into new plants or retrofitted into existing Mono Compact C installations.

No electrical disconnection is required and suction and discharge pipes remain untouched. The EZstrip pump offers dry-run protection and all operational parameters are unaffected. The model range has a capacity of up to 165m3/h and 12bar pressure and is available in either cast iron or stainless steel. WRAS-compliant elastomers are incorporated into the manufacture of this pump; a preassembled drive train with two-year warranty is also available.


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