Modelmaker Expands 3D Printing With Objet Alaris30

Crawley Creatures, a specialist in animatronics, robotics, prosthetics and model making, has installed an Objet Alaris30 3D printer from Object Geometries to expand its prototyping capacity. The Objet Alaris30 3D printer will also enable the model maker to deliver good 3D print quality. Crawley Creatures first invested in rapid prototyping in 2006, and the time and cost benefits of 3D printing technology quickly became apparent. Three years on, and the business required increased capacity and also wanted a step-change improvement in the detail and quality of the parts it was producing. For these reason, Objet technology was selected.

Jez Gibson-Harris, managing director at Crawley Creatures, said: 'The prototyping stage is crucial to our customers - it can save a lot of time, money and effort if we can get things right early on in the process. 'The Alaris30 suits our needs because the quality of printed parts is excellent - very fine and precise detail can be achieved and it's quick. Parts can be printed overnight and post-print clean-up is minimal,' he added. The Alaris30 uses Verowhite Fullcure830 as its modelling material, prints in fine 28-micron layers and produces models with walls as thin as 0.6mm.

Gibson-Harris said: 'We use the Alaris30 principally for producing components to test size and function and print short-run production moulds for soft polymer components. 'The opaque quality of the material allows details and edging to be seen very clearly, and although the material is rigid, it allows a certain amount of flexing and handles well. 'We can also achieve a very smooth finish and the precision provided by the Alaris30 printer means that we can test moving parts with confidence,' he added.


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