Modbus PSU For Test And Instrumentation Systems

VxI Power has launched the OPP-200 programmable Modbus power supply (PSU), designed for use in test and instrumentation systems where accurate control and monitoring are essential. The PSU has a compact 3U housing and delivers an output power of 200W, with voltage programmable from 2-20VDC in steps as small as 1mV. Output current limit can be preset in 10mA steps up to 10A. Equipped with an RS485 serial interface, the OPP-200 is programmed by a host computer using the industry standard Modbus communications protocol.

Up to 192 of the units can be operated on the same bus. This modular approach allows users to configure a power system with different variants of the OPP-200 to meet the needs of their particular application. A dedicated 3U 19in sub-rack is available to enable multiple power supplies to be easily integrated into the host equipment. Incorporating a backplane, power distribution and auto-address-select facilities, the sub-rack can accommodate up to six OPP-200 units.

The PSUs are hot-swappable, and individual status can be viewed locally via the backlit alphanumeric display on each unit's front panel. The parameters to be displayed are selected via the host computer. Application support is available for customers wanting to use the power supply in a Labview environment. In addition to the standard OPP-200 unit, VxI is able to provide other voltage and current configurations to suit customers' specific requirements.


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