Mining Company Chooses GE Process-Control Solution

GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy Process Systems process-control solution has been chosen by Barun Mining, a subsidiary of China Baogang Group, for use in its iron mining business in China. The company chose GE's solution to facilitate product quality improvement, optimise production and reduce costs. China Baogang, an equipment manufacturer in China, is involved in the construction of metallurgical, infrastructural facilities and other industrial projects.

The company also provides geo-technical engineering construction, industrial and civil construction, rock and earthwork excavation, equipment installation and steel-structure fabrication and installation services. Barun Mining provides an additional source of material from China's Bayan Obo area for the Baogang group to protect against global supply-chain disturbances. Proficy Process Systems is a scalable, fully integrated system for process automation and control.

With an open and scalable architecture, it leverages GE's hardware and software platforms to provide a system that is suitable for rugged mining operations control. Barun Mining is using Proficy Process Systems to record process data for the whole plant. 'The Proficy Process Systems high-availability Pacsystems RX3i controller, I/O [input/output] and forward-thinking architecture of 100Mbps I/O rack connectivity will enable us to increase our productivity,' said Dongziqing, vice-president of Barun Mining.

Proficy Process Systems provides a single control environment and comprehensive engineering and operator functionality. Its open architecture reduces lifecycle costs through precise calibration and secure electronic configuration.

Proficy Process Systems' Global Namespace provides a single point of configuration to eliminate the risk of inconsistencies between multiple databases and the need to duplicate engineering efforts. The real-time monitoring of the plant and an alarming system provide the overall equipment effectiveness of production equipment efficiency and critical plant conditions.


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