Miniature Solenoid Valve Has Extended Product Life

Asco Numatics has introduced the Asco 411 Series miniature solenoid valve, which is claimed to offer up to twice the life of competing products plus higher flow rate performance. The valve is suitable for applications in pharmaceutical, medical, analytical and instrumentation products. The 411 Series has a plunger design that reduces wear on the poppet and is resistant to internal elastomer swelling that can disrupt performance. The valve has been tested to exceed 500 million cycles in normal operating conditions. Asco has increased the valve's flow rate by 12 per cent to 15 per cent over previous models, plus the maximum operating pressure differential has also been improved. The 411 Series incorporates a smaller, lighter weight plastic body that achieves a 12 per cent to 15 per cent overall weight reduction when compared to stainless-steel and brass-bodied valves. This makes it a suitable choice for miniaturised and portable medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Lower power consumption means the valve also is suitable for use in battery-powered applications. The valve is fully compliant with RoHS regulations.


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