Micro Dispenser Enables Range Of Media Dosing

Integrated Dispensing Systems has announced its appointment as exclusive distributor for UK and Eire for Preeflow Micro Dispensing Systems manufactured by Viscotec. Viscotec has developed a micro dispenser system utilising the Endless Piston Principle that enables the dosing of a multitude of different media with just one dispenser unit. With dosing accuracies of +1 per cent and repeatability of more than 99 per cent, a considerable saving in product wastage can be realised.

With the dispensing systems, users can accurately dose low-viscosity fluids to high-viscosity pastes from 0.001ml upwards from dots to beads. Preeflow dispensers can dispense oils, greases, sealants, adhesives, silicones, foodstuffs or abrasive media. The volume dosed is unaffected by temperature, pressure or viscosity. All Preeflow dispensers and dosing systems have the instant reverse-flow feature for clean, controlled material separation with no dripping or stringing. The most recent addition to the range is Viscotec's smallest volumetric dispenser so far, the Eco-pen, 300 which is capable of dispensing from 0.001ml with a flow rate of 0.12-1.48ml/min.

Weighing 380g, it is a compact, self-contained volumetric dispenser. Purpose built stands, clamps and material supply options are also available. There are two other larger dispensers - the Eco-pen 450 and Eco-pen 600 - offering a minimum dose quantity of 0.004 and 0.015ml respectively. Dosing fluid pressures as high as 16 to 20 bar can be achieved for high-viscosity materials. To control the Eco-pen micro dispensers, Preeflow offers custom-built microprocessor-based controllers with a user-friendly interface.

These controllers allow the user to store multiple dosing programmes on a removable SD Memory Card. For clients currently using syringe-type time and pressure-dispensing systems, IDS offers an inexpensive upgrade option. This allows users to keep their current controllers and, by connecting a Plug-n-Dose interface unit, to upgrade to the Eco-pen.


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