Metal Detector Accessory Marks Contamination Areas

Eriez has announced the Inkjet Marker MK II, an accessory to a metal detector system that is used to mark the location of pieces of detected metal contamination on a conveyor belt. This makes it easier for operators to find and remove the problematic metal before continuing. The Inkjet Marker is installed after a metal detector in the direction of the product travel.

It can be operated in conjunction with any Eriez metal detector and can also be used with the recently launched Spymet Metal Locator to mark multiple pieces of metal contamination. The Inkjet system functions by spraying ink onto the conveyed product to mark the location of tramp metal detected by a metal detector. It has a built in adjustable timer-delay function that allows the system to be mounted away from the sensor coil. The delay timer controls are used to set the period of time it takes a piece of metal that has been detected to travel from the metal detector sensor coil to the Inkjet nozzle.

The range of the delay is from 0-25s. After the delay period, the system activates a pump and solenoid valve, which sprays yellow marking ink onto the product stream. When the conveyor belt stops after metal is detected, the area that has been marked can be searched and the metal object removed. This stops the metal contamination going further down the conveyor and damaging other equipment.

Improvements to the Inkjet Marker MK II include an anti-clog nozzle, improved ink filling, an enhanced control printed circuit board design and a universal input power supply. The changes to the design of the Inkjet Marker have increased the reliability of the system and will reduce downtime due to clogging of the nozzle. This latest development joins the range of optional extras available with Eriez metal detectors designed to minimise the loss of production time and improve plant efficiency.


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