MCC Offers Bus-Powered USB-To-I2C-Bus Adapter

The I2CStick from Micro Computer Control (MCC) is a bus-powered USB-to-I2C-bus adapter for on-the-go mobile developers, test engineers and field-support personnel. The user plugs the pocket-sized I2CStick into a laptop's USB port, connects to an I2C-bus target device and starts communicating. The I2CStick supports 7-bit slave addressing, bus master or slave operation at standard (100kHz) or fast (400kHz) clock rates and multi-master and arbitration detection capability.

The device is 3.3V to 5V compatible, provides switch-enabled bus pull-ups and a 5V power source for external devices and includes over-voltage, reverse-voltage, electrostatic-discharge and dual-stage fuses for laptop or desktop computer protection. Free utility software includes MCC's Iburner I2C-bus EEPROM programming software and the Message Center messaging software. Application developer support includes a .Net Class Library, the Labview Virtual Instrument Library, the ASCII-Text application program interface (API), the Virtual Communications Port (VCP) interface and sample software projects in VB, C, C++ and MFC.

VCP drivers are available for Windows, Linux and Mac. The I2CStick's API compatibility extends to other MCC I2C-bus adapters, including Iport/USB, Iport/AFM and Iport/AI. Typical applications include product hardware/firmware/software development, manufacturing tests, in-system EEPROM programming, field-service diagnostics and repair and firmware updates. Prices range from USD150 (GBP98) to USD250 depending on interface cable configuration and order quantity.


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