Marl To Distribute Lumoluce LED Solutions

Marl is to distribute the Lumotech Lumoluce range of light-emitting-diode (LED) architectural lighting products for commercial and domestic applications. Manufactured in the Netherlands, Lumoluce LED solutions are claimed to offer good colour consistency and energy efficiency. The Lumoluce range is fully assembled and manufactured at Heerhugowaard in the Netherlands utilising high-quality LED light sources and LEDs. Features of the range include sub-binning, where each colour supplied is tested and sorted by hand into a further nine sub-bins to provide an exact colour match across each individual LED supplied to a customer. 

Lumoluce also designs and manufactures its own drivers to maximise the performance and efficiency of its LED lights. As a result, it achieves power factors of better than 0.9 and low harmonics. Lumoluce LEDs are used in airports, in supermarkets for food illumination and in restaurants and offices throughout Europe. Marl will offer the full Lumoluce series, which is a modular system based on aluminium construction with a 2.3W LED module, driver and connectors. These assemblies deliver the same light output as a 25-35W halogen bulb but use 90 per cent less power; they also save 35 per cent of the energy costs of standard energy-saving lamps. The Lumoluce range includes a selection of fittings in different shapes and sizes, with different configurations of LED lamps.


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