Magnetic Sensor Enables Long Detection Distance

Alps Electric Europe has unveiled its HGDFPA006A magnetic sensor, which allows for a long detection distance in determining whether home-appliance covers and doors are open or closed. Magnetic sensors detect a change in the open/closed state of the covers or doors of most home appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens. The appliance can then stop and restart operation and turn its lights on or off - a valuable function from the standpoints of energy conservation, safety and user convenience, according to the company.

A component within the appliance detects the distance that a magnetic body (the magnet) moves based on the magnet's relative proximity to a sensor. These mechanisms can also be seen in parts that detect whether auxiliary equipment for instruments and machinery, such as industrial machinery and security systems that protect the doors and windows of homes against entry, is installed or not. The HGDFPA006A is a switching-output, high-sensitivity magnetic sensor capable of a long detection distance; the sensor is compact thanks to the use of Alps' proprietary high-precision magnetic element.

The detection distance has been improved by 60 per cent compared with the company's existing magnetic sensor (HGDFPT031A). The distance over which the HGDFPA006A detects a magnetic force is Hon=0.6mT.

The sensor also has a thin profile (measuring 14.15mm in width, 5mm in depth and 13mm in height) and can be mounted in the tighter installation spaces necessitated by more compact and multi-functioned appliances. The HGDFPA006A utilises snap-in-type mounting, making it easier to install in the final product. Alps' product line-up in the HGDFPA series also includes switching-output-type connector connection-model magnetic sensors for similar applications to the HGDFPA006A. Sample shipments are to commence in April 2010.


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