Mach 2010 To Feature Open Mind Product Debuts

At this year's Mach 2010, Open Mind will present its Hypermill 2009.2 with CAD-integrated solutions for Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Thinkdesign and its own Hypercad package. Alongside this will be the recently introduced intelligent functions from its Hypercad 2009.1 package. Open Mind will display new intelligent functions for the Hypercad 2009.1 package that deliver faster and more reliable design and for effective preparation of existing digital models for subsequent CAM programming.

The 3D CAD system now includes new display options for improved transparency, increased system performance and better quality control. Project-specific CAD environments can now be created using templates. Hyperreshape functions allow users to directly modify STL data models. Hypermill 2009.2 features CAD-integrated solutions for Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Thinkdesign and its own Hypercad package. It allows users to benefit from the seamless connection between their familiar CAD application and a powerful CAM application.

The CAD-integrated version of Hypermill allows the user to take advantage of the most modern CAM programming system in their own familiar software environment. Hypermill can be accessed directly using the Hypermill button and is available within the user's familiar CAD interface. Data-import issues and read/write errors can be avoided, as both the CAD and CAM systems have access to the same data model. It is possible to interact between the CAD and CAM systems at the same time. If changes are made to the CAD data, all defined CAM operations are updated automatically.

The new Hypermill 2009.2 release allows users of various CAD platforms to access the full range of functions of Hypermill 2009.1. Highlights include an optimised fast-travel concept, job linking, an improved tool database, an extended job list and transformation and mirroring functions. The new version of Hypermill 2009.2 also provides the CAM solution as part of the latest release of Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk has officially certified the integration. This confirms full integration with Autodesk Inventor. Hypermill integrations are available for Solidworks, Thinkdesign and Open Mind's own Hypercad.

Specifically adapted to the user interface of the respective CAD software, all integrations combine a wide array of machining strategies and optimisation functions offered by Hypermill. This enables flexible and efficient CAM programming for continuous process flows. Direct interfaces also allow seamless data imports from Catia V4 and Catia V5, Pro/Engineer, NX (Unigraphics), Parasolid and Solidworks. Common standard interfaces such as IGES, Step or STL are also available for exchanging data.

The Hypermill CAM software has an extensive range of machining strategies, from 2D and 3D milling, HSC and mill/turning, right through to five-axis milling based on Hypermill's five-axis technology. Thanks to fully automated collision avoidance, programming five-axis machining operations is no more difficult than 3D jobs. To complete 2D tasks, users can choose between face milling, pocket machining, contour milling, rest machining, drilling and five-axis drilling. The 3D strategies offered by Hypermill include roughing, profile finishing, Z-level finishing and automatic rest machining.

Additional 3D strategies such as complete finishing, equidistant finishing, ISO machining, curve machining and 3D reworking are also available. The CAD-integrated versions of Hypermill allow users to select the strategies they prefer for drilling or milling the geometries of the CAD model on the machine. The Hypermill CAM solution calculates machine and controller-independent tool paths. Postprocessors then generate optimised NC programs based on this neutral data.

Open Mind develops postprocessors for each individual customer, specifically designing them to suit their production tasks, machines and type of controllers. This offers two benefits: the intelligence of the corresponding controller (such as control cycles, path correction and program part repetition) can be better exploited; and every customer receives a solution ideally tailored to their manufacturing processes. For a demonstration of how Open Mind can improve productivity, visit Mach 2010.


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