Mac Offers Asgard Processvue Software In UK

The Processvue alarm management and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting software from Asgard Technologies is now available in the UK through local distributor Mac Solutions. The software is targeted at process engineering industries, including energy and power, metal processing, nuclear, utilities, chemicals, oil and gas, transportation, and facilities management companies. Processvue, which features the latest communication, data logging and reporting technologies, can be used as a standalone application or to bring together multiple disparate systems into one common platform.

Processvue reporting is based on EEMUA 191 guidelines. To establish an alarm management system based on these guidelines, or to ascertain whether a current system is operating effectively and within the guidelines, alarm data must be collected and analysed on a continuous basis. Collecting this data can be a challenge in itself. Bringing this data into a usable format for control room operators and reporting this data to alarm managers are two critical functions. Tim Ricketts, general manager at Mac Solutions, said: 'All the alarm sources are put into a standard, open format so that operators and managers can view the KPIs without anyone having to write complex code or script.

Processvue is based on open technologies. The software uses the latest .Net technology from Microsoft, ensuring compatibility with customers' existing and future operating systems. Processvue uses the industry standard SQL database, TCP/IP system architecture and the latest Ajax 'Zero Footprint' web-based clients. Ricketts said: 'Processvue's architecture has been designed to enable interfacing with almost any control system, bringing all data into a standard configurable format.

'This allows simple operator sequence of event (SOE) display and high-level KPI reporting and analysis. 'These disparate systems might include Scada systems, distributed Control Systems, emergency shutdown, fire control, buildings management or any system that can output data in an ASCII format,' he added. Features within Processvue include advanced KPI reporting based on EEMUA 191 guidelines; alarm rationalisation (locating 'bad actors' and 'nuisance alarms'); sequence of event and real-time display in web browser; alarm system benchmarking; alarm and event analysis; and alarm and event archiving.

The Processvue Analytics feature is a business intelligence software module, which offers a range of high-level reporting features, including event reporting, frequency analysis, standing and chattering alarm reporting, KPI dashboards, operator response times, customised reporting, and so on. Processvue can use the latest 64-bit operating systems to perform superfast 'in-memory analysis' on vast amounts of data. All active software components run as a Windows service, enabling servers and collector PCs to be logged-out for secure operation. Connectivity to third-party applications and systems is made easier by using a flexible 'reconstructor module'. Legacy alarm management systems such as iMac can benefit by having previously unusable alarm strings reconstructed into a simple format.


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