LMT Launches Shrink Toolholder System

LMT has developed a ready-to-run shrink-fit assembly toolholder system for CNC milling and turn milling. Suitable for the tool spindles of machining centres and driven tool units on turn-mill centres, the ISG 1000 bench-top unit allows users to overcome problems associated with the more traditional collets and hydraulic chucks. The portable unit measures 390 x 310 x 640mm, is powered from a three-phase plug-in source and will accommodate straight shank tool sizes between 3mm and 16mm diameter by up to 290mm in length.

Shrink-fit technology is said to provide a simple way of mounting milling cutters, drills and taps into a toolholder/backend and also provides advantages in the machining process. For instance, it creates a higher rigidity set-up between the machine spindle bearings and the tip of the cutting tool. Run-out at the tool tip should be less than 0.003mm total indicated run-out (TIR), which ensures a more effective rate of feed per tooth can be applied due to the more even loading.

This is especially important on small-diameter or long-series tools. Longer cutting life also results with improved levels of accuracy and surface finish being achieved. In addition, shrink-fit tool assemblies are better able to cope with acceleration of modern spindles and influence of centrifugal force that can allow a normal toolholding arrangement to suffer from slippage in the collet and even tool drop-out. The ISG 1000 unit takes less than 20seconds to heat the nose area of the toolholder through its 6.5kW induction heating coil.

The cutting tool shank is positioned in the holder and is retained as a single unit in the holder as it contracts under cooling. The speed the cooling process, included in the ISG 1000 package is a cooling adapter that enables the heat generated to rapidly dissipate via a series of strategically positioned heat-sink fins. Also included in the LMT UK package is an interchangeable disc, clamping ring and protective gloves.


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