LCR Launches EC110 Liquid-Level Control Board

LCR Electronics is offering a control board that incorporates a solid-state and mechanical relay for dual redundant control of liquid level in process applications. The EC110 liquid-level control board is said to be ideal for hot beverage dispensing machines, including urns, coffee makers and powder-mix dispensers. The board's dual redundancy provides a critical safety feature that prevents overfill and leakage problems in these applications and is said to offer more reliability than corrosion-prone mechanical fill valves.

The customisable EC110 can sense two different liquid-level probes within a machine, such as normal fill and overflow, and control the adequate response to correct any problems. Responses that the board can manage include: signalling an alarm; shutting off the machine's heat source; or controlling the shutoff valve to prevent spills of hot liquid. The liquid-level control board also contains diagnostic features such as a power-on LED, fault LED and remote fault indicator.

LCR said that because of its expertise in customisation, an application-specific EC110 can be developed cost-effectively. Software can be changed for OEM customers to suit specialised needs, and the board can be combined with other electronic controls from LCR, such as a pump motor control or temperature control. The process control board accepts either 120VAC or 240VAC and measures 2.75 x 3.75in. The open board design is intended for easy installation on four mounting points.


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