LCM Offers Customised Load-Measuring Pins

LCM Systems designs, manufactures and supplies load-measuring pins (LMPs) for a range of applications. Alongside standard ranges constructed in high-tensile stainless steel, in-house design engineers can also provide customised solutions depending on application requirements. The standard LMPs cover ranges between 500kg and 1,500 tonnes, and are proof loaded to 150 per cent of the normal rated load. Environmentally sealed to IP67, they are suitable for use in harsh, exposed situations and can be supplied to withstand immersion in seawater.

An anti-rotation plate can be supplied as standard, along with an integral connector. Providing 0-10V, 0-5V and 4-20mA RS485 outputs, internal signal conditioning adds further versatility to the products and means that design engineers do not have to specify additional instrumentation. LCM Systems also offers a rapid, like-for-like retrofit service for competitors' systems, providing customers with identical load-measuring pins.


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