Lanner Releases Fanless Industrial Computer

Lanner Electronics has released the LEC-7100, a fanless industrial computer powered by the dual-core Intel Atom processor D510 at 1.66GHz. The LEC-7100 comes equipped with VGA, DVI-D, four USB and two LAN ports, along with wireless capabilities. This embedded system is designed to be easily deployable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

The Luge LEC-7100 includes multiple audio and video interfaces, two gigabit LAN network ports and two storage interfaces - Compactflash Type I/II and SATA HDD. Another feature in the LEC-7100 is the ability to communicate wirelessly. There is a 3G/GPS module attached through a mini PCIe socket, as well as Wi-fi-ready hardware.

Additionally, the LEC-7100 features VGA and DVI-D video ports, delivering increased flexibility for dual-display applications such as digital signage, point of sales, kiosk and jackpot displays.


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