Landmark Advises On Eligibility For CRC Scheme

With two weeks to go until registrations for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme open, Landmark Information Group is urging businesses to find out if the scheme applies to them - or risk a GBP5,000 fine. Recent reports have suggested the number of businesses required to report on their energy usage could be as high as 30,000, an increase on initial estimates of 20,000.

This group will include non energy-intensive organisations, including engineers, as well as hotel chains, local authorities, hospitals and smaller-scale manufacturers. Environmental data specialist, Landmark Information Group, has already had more than 100 businesses take advantage of a free trial on its new Carbon Counter service, which helps organisations to establish whether they are legally obliged to register for CRC.

The new service was developed in partnership with UK consultancy SKM Enviros and enables businesses to map energy consumption across each individual component of their business structure using clear on-screen guidance.

Once registered it also provides an early-warning system by giving users e-alerts ahead of important dates such as submission of data to the Environment Agency, which regulates the scheme. David Mole, managing director of Landmark Environment, said: 'Businesses simply can't afford to wait any longer before reviewing their requirements under CRCEES.

'This is not simply due to the potential fines for non-compliance, but because there are also valuable cost savings to be secured by improving the measurement and monitoring of your energy usage. 'With recent reports suggesting even more businesses could be affected, we would urge organisations to explore the Carbon Counter service by 1 April and take advantage of the current free trial,' he added.


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