Lambda Offers Stanford FS725 Rubidium Master Clock

The Stanford Research Systems FS725 Rubidium Master clock is suitable for use in the recording or broadcast studio to improve digital audio and video quality. With high accuracy, good stability and low phase noise, the basic FS725 unit provides two 10MHz sine-wave outputs, one 5MHz sine-wave output and a 1pps square-wave output. This is expandable in the box to 14MHz x 10MHz, 4MHz x 5MHz and 4MHz x 1pps outputs.

A rack-mount kit and additional distribution amplifiers are also available. Using the 10MHz FS725 Rubidium clock signal as a master clock for a digital audio/video system gives all components access to the accuracy and long-term stability of atomic clocks. An FS725 synchronised audio/video system minimises jitter and timing induced artefacts. The Audio Analyser website lists all other Stanford Research Systems products available from Lambda Photometrics.


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