Keithley To Broadcast Free Webinar On C-V Testing

Keithley Instruments will broadcast a free, web-based seminar, entitled 'Tips, Tricks and Traps of Semiconductor Capacitance-Voltage [C-V] Testing' on 25 March 2010. The one-hour seminar will cover the key to getting good C-V measurement results and will help laboratory engineers implement, troubleshoot and verify C-V measurement systems. Topics to be discussed include system setup and the results from some extended C-V applications, such as high-voltage C-V and quasi-static C-V.

Those participating in the webinar will have the opportunity to learn: how to properly connect a C-V instrument to a probe station; common cable correction techniques; performance verification at the probe tips; how to identify and troubleshoot typical C-V errors; and how to implement extended C-V applications, such as high-voltage and quasi-static C-V.

This seminar is intended for those whose job requires C-V measurements. Students, technicians, engineers and laboratory managers who are responsible for installing and maintaining C-V equipment and probe stations will also benefit from the seminar.


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