Keithley Publishes Digital Multimeter Library

Keithley Instruments has produced a digital multimeter (DMM) technical library on CD for engineers and researchers using DMMs for a wide range of applications. This CD-based library includes more than 100 documents, including measurement tips, application notes and product selection guides. Entitled 'Digital Multimeter Technical Library: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Most out of Your DMM', the CD provides explanations on the differences in instrument categories, specifications and intended applications that will help guide engineers to the right instrument for the job.

It also provides application notes with detailed advice on specific areas, such as data acquisition with Ethernet, switching, temperature measurements, plus interfacing with IVI drivers, LXI and SCPI protocols and SQR programming. The digital multimeter technical library features tips on overcoming common problems encountered by DMM users, as compiled by Keithley's customer support team.

These include errors in low voltage, low current measurements, low resistance measurements, noisy readings and reading drift. In addition, the library offers 13 application notes covering the use of DMMs for airbag test systems, audio analysis, automotive electrical systems, connectors, flat-panel displays, power supplies, synchrotrons and wireless devices. Detailed information on the factors to consider when selecting the type of DMM is also provided, including general-purpose, high-performance and application-specific DMMs, as well as DMMs with integrated switching capabilities.


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