Katronic To Present Katflow 100 Transmitter

Katronic Technologies' clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter specialists will present a new fixed-installation flow transmitter at Hannover Messe. The Katflow 100 has a modular design and will provide flexibility on applications where simple process input and output options are sufficient. The transmitter electronics can be placed in different wall-mounted-enclosure types to suit individual customer requirements.

Since it is programmable via its RS232 interface, the Katflow 100 does not require a keypad. The flow transmitter further offers AC, DC, battery and solar-panel power-supply options as well as an optional RS485 interface that can be enabled for Modbus RTU communication. The process input and output options available on the Katflow 100 feature active and passive current inputs (0/4-20mA), PT100 temperature inputs, active and passive current outputs (0/4-20mA), a Hart-enabled current output (0/4-20mA), voltage output (0-10V), frequency output (0-10kHz) and open-collector and relay outputs.

The single-channel Katflow 100 can be enabled for heat-quantity measurement using PT100 clamp-on temperature sensors to monitor the fluid's temperature. Ordered with the optional sound-velocity measurement function, it can also be used for contactless product identification, interface and pig detection and concentration measurements.

The Katflow clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters measure flow externally, avoiding the need to cut into pipes for installation. They work on almost any clean or dirty liquid - regardless of electric conductivity - with high accuracy for both flow velocity and volumetric flow. Katronic flowmeters can be employed on the pipelines of any acoustically conductive material and diameters from 10mm to more than 3.0m (0.4in to more than 118in).


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