Kasto To Show Metal Cutting And Storage Solutions

Kasto will showcase technical solutions for the economic cutting and storage of metal in businesses of all sizes at the Open House Futuredays2010 event on 5-7 May. Its solutions are suitable for job shops, machine and tool manufacturing, steel and non-ferrous metal distribution and sheet-metal processors. The company will exhibit the entire delivery and performance range, comprising sawing machines, sawing systems, sawing/storing solutions, bar-stock and sheet-metal storage systems, software and services.

At the same time, Kasto will hold an opening ceremony for its new demonstration centre. A variety of topics will be presented under the motto 'Sawing, Storage and More'. 'More Performance' will be demonstrated with Kasto performance cutting in the Kastotec series. The large Bandsaw Kastomaxcut with a 2m working range reaches new dimensions in high-performance bandsaws. 'More Evolution' will be shown using the newly designed Kastoevo and Kastoverto industry production bandsaws.

They demonstrate how progress in modern design can lead to quiet and safe cutting. 'More Logistics' will be seen with different storage solutions for bar stock and sheet metal. Here, the focus will be the fully automatic handling of bars and plates. Another focus point during Futuredays2010 will be a newly designed machine program of hack, band and circular saws for use in machine shops and metal processing. Visitors will see and experience the new technology in the company's 600m2 demonstration centre and in a new 5,000m2 assembly building, which is designed for the assembly and run-off of large and heavy-duty saws and storage systems.

This exhibition will also include presentations from partner companies working in the surrounding fields of sawing machines and bar-stock/sheet-metal storage systems. The Association of German Steel Distributors (BDS) and the initiative for metal machine shops, dubbed 'Metal and More', will be represented. Each day, there will be a selection of lectures about the cutting and storage of metal and the commissioning of metal and bar stock.


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