Kapsys Launches Kapten Navigation Solutions

Kapsys has launched the Kapten navigation application for the Iphone and Kapten NG, a tiny pocket-sized multi-transport GPS device. Following the launch of Kapten, a voice-controlled GPS for use in cities, Kapsys is extending its range of GPS products with its Kapten application for the Iphone and its portable Kapten NG. These new products are designed to help users find their way around cities whether on foot or by public transport, car, bicycle or motorcycle.

Kapsys's products offer extensive coverage of North America and Western Europe. The Iphone navigation application is available on the basis of a monthly subscription rate at USD7.99 (GBP5.35) for unlimited use over a 30-day period, which can be renewed at will. Kapten for Iphone also offers the option of transferring to a permanent licence via the in-application purchase mechanism for GBP74.99. The company's Kapten NG measures 100mm in height, 55mm in length and 13mm in width and weighs 90g.

Its multi-transport functionality is suitable for navigation on foot, with or without the use of public transport, as well as driving or cycling. Kapten for Iphone is on sale now through Apple's online Itunes App Store. Two versions are available: one for the US/Canada and one for Western Europe.

The main functionalities offered by this application include multi-transport navigation, the coverage of public transport (underground, suburban trains and trams), genuine voice guidance and extensive visual displays, along with the 'Ktag' creation for tagging and sharing favourite locations. The North American Kapten application includes a map of the US and Canada. The Western European application covers 22 countries and territories: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the Vatican.

Kapten NG offers multi-transport navigation in a pocket-size format and the coverage of public transport (which can be used with pedestrian navigation), genuine voice guidance and extensive visual displays, along with the 'Ktag' creation to record favourite locations. The pocket-sized device has been available since February 2010. Kapten NG North America includes a map of the US and Canada and retails at USD224.90. The cartography behind these applications has been developed by Teleatlas.


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